• Image of Queen Lili'uokalani greeting cards

A special greeting card commemorating a true queen who lived to serve her people and her God. An example of selfless love and leadership, giving so much of herself for others. Queen Lili'uokalani exclaimed:

“...He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes. It is for them that I would give the last drop of my blood; it is for them that I would spend, nay, am spending, everything belonging to me.”

We seek to honor our late, beloved Royal Majest Queen Lili'uokalani with this greeting card released on her September birthday month. The image portrayed was created using traditional and modified Ingtalio printmaking techniques.

Size: A2- 4.2" x 5.5"
Envelope: 4.3" x 5.7"