Mauamau llc

Kanilehua Sticker

4″ × 3.09″
Thick & Durable Vinyl - Water / UV / Scratch Resistant

‘Ekemana is five years old, and has a passion for drawing. This drawing was inspired by him learning about Hawai’i native birds, our beloved ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua trees, and the threats that endanger and contribute to their rapid decline. In this artwork is depicted a forest of ‘Ōhi‘a Lehua trees, a place of safety for the ‘I‘iwi. Hilo, where ‘Ekemana lives, is famous for its Kanilehua rains. This type of rain is characterized by the clamour in the lehua blossoms by the birds like the ‘I‘iwi, when their time of feeding would be disturbed by its arrival. This drawing is an offering of hope and prayer that the native and endemic birds of our forests would thrive, so that we may thrive too.