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Ho‘iho‘i 'Āina! Land Back!
As much of our language, culture, history is being reclaimed and remembered we recognize that our identity is uniquely tied to 'āina.

All the issues that we as Kanaka Maoli face points back to the root cause of being removed from our ancestral lands. We need to address the simple truth that the land must be returned to the original & rightful stewards of Hawaiʻi. And the question is not why, but it is when.

This shirt is a pule that our lands would return back into the care of the Hawaiian people. Wear it loud and proud with our hoodies and shirts to visually display what we feel daily in our na’au. This apparel is not just for Kanaka Maoli, it is for our allies, our local ‘ohana, and our ‘ohana who support this mana’o that we must keep Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands.

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